Kivi Ranta is 33-acre development on the North shore of Lake Superior designed by world renown architect David Salmela.  See how real estate can benefit from storytelling in this short presentation.

Old Lifty

A concept pilot

Everyone who’s visited Duluth has marveled at the Aerial Lift Bridge. But who lifts it? And how? “Old Lifty” is a comedy web series that chronicles the (fictional) adventures of Aerial Lift Bridge Operator Karleen Anderson, a young professional who leaves the rat race to move back to her hometown. When she gets a job as a Lift Bridge Operator, she trades her BMW for a bicycle, her big city condo for a fold-out couch in her parents’ basement, and stress for serenity. Or does she? “Old Lifty” is purely Duluth and purely Minnesotan. Its actors, creators, and film production team are local. It’s locally-flavored, but will appeal to everyone who’s ever wanted to come home and yet felt slightly off-balance doing so.

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Behind the scenes

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Duluth Heritage Sports Center

In 2014, Story Front worked with the Duluth Heritage Sports Center to create a vision film that would play an integral role in funding their new facilities.

This film highlights both the quality of character needed to create the sports center as well as the values the center imparts to children. In the film, Legacy co-chair  Patrick D. Francisco speaks about the true value of the Sports Center. It also features a number of donors dedicated to the cause.

Dusty Boren, Co-Owner 4corners Homes

Story Front is made up of truly artistic professionals.  We had an idea for one simple video, and their team exceeded our expectations.  They captured the story and improved upon our idea while making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. They give easy direction and coaching ,capturing multiple angles to get the right shot.  I look forward to our next project together!

Home Owners

This is a short ad produced for 4Corners Homes demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. In each given build project, they wants their clients to feel part of the 4Corners family.

4Corners Homes is a nationally recognized home builder in the Oklahoma City metro and Kansas City metro area. The philosophy of the organization centers around community, conservation, and creativity.  Read more about the organization at

Story Helps Fund Duluth Heritage Sports Center

One of the first projects Story Front completed in Duluth was a vision film for the Duluth Heritage Sports Center, which was campaigning for funds to pay for new facilities. The film proved to be a great asset throughout the campaign and played an integral role in raising funds for the Sports Center.

Story Front is again working with with Duluth Heritage Sports Center, but now the goal is to use a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Duluth Heritage Sports Center Foundation, a trust fund that will prove invaluable to future generations of children who would otherwise be unable to participate in sports activities.

Read more about the purpose and mission of the Duluth Heritage Sports Center Foundation at