Capturing the Experience of Kiviranta Living

During the past few months, Story Front has worked closely with the architect of a premier real estate development known as Kiviranta, a name that means “rock shore” in Finnish. The development is being built on the site of the former Nokomis Restaurant, an intimate lakefront property just up the North Shore.

Kiviranta is a “common interest community,” designed by architect David Salmela [link to website]. The development will include eight separate units, but within each unit individuals will share common living experiences, such as shifts in natural lighting throughout the day, serene views of the lakeshore, and amenities such as sauna and yoga classes.

Because the development is still being built, Story Front faced the unique challenge of promoting Kiviranta without being able to film the subject. Instead of focusing on a physical representation, Storyfront is in the process of capturing the experience of Kiviranta Living, influenced primarily by the calm majesty of the lakeshore.

Stay tuned for the finished project, which will include an interview with the architect, stunning cinematography, and superb filmic storytelling.

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Story Front

Story Front